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Teraware Data Sanitization Platform, from Iron Mountain, is a world-leading, enterprise-level data sanitization software that specializes in the total sanitization of all electronic information from both data center assets and enterprise end-user devices.

July 1, 20246 mins

Data sanitization services for your data centers and corporate end user devices.

Teraware Data Sanitization Platform, from Iron Mountain, is a world leading enterprise level data sanitization software. Developed to meet the need for industry compliance as related to data disposition on solid state and hard disk drives (SSDs and HDDs), Teraware specializes in the total sanitization of all electronic information from the data center to IT enterprise assets.

Teraware provides guaranteed, forensic-level data sanitization using a single workflow regardless of drive manufacturer or type. For HDDs, user selectable wipe methods are applied for drive sanitization based on your particular requirements. With SSDs, the software will automatically recognize the drives identity and apply appropriate processing to address both the logical and physical sanitization.

Teraware data sanitization services can be performed on drives in racks or laptops. Iron Mountain services include sanitizing loose drives in our facilities. In the data center, there is no requirement to disassemble racks before sanitization. Teraware also has the capability to perform remote data sanitization.

Teraware solutions

  • Data center or consolidated IT hubs
    Efficient high-volume data sanitization and asset reconciliation for organizations managing thousands of end-user devices or data center assets.
  • Dispersed locations
    Flexible low-volume data sanitization processing up to 60 machines at once, multiple racks, or individual servers.
  • Individual remote end-user
    Convenient remote data sanitization, built for organizations with a large distributed workforce, ensures enduser laptops are securely wiped before shipping.

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Data sanitization

  • 100% sector-verified erasure guaranteed for COS
  • 95% of data center drives are fully sanitized providing an industry-leading erasure rate
  • Most storage types are supported and receive a sanitization certificate
  • Efficiently erases drives simultaneously, regardless of the quantity, reducing sanitization time from weeks or months to days

Reporting and compliance

  • Automated report generation provides detailed reports and certificates of sanitization for each erased drive
  • Ensure transparency with a comprehensive audit trail, including matching physical and digital inventory
  • Support adherence to NIST 800-88
  • Certified by ADISA, threat matrix level 2, for both SSDs and HDDs
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Operational capabilities

  • Online portal, with available integration, provides comprehensive ordering and tracking
  • Discovery and cross-checking of asset lists compares physical hardware ensuring asset accuracy
  • Comprehensive inventory scanning identifies each asset, its location, condition, and parent/ child relationships
  • Minimally invasive sized team means fewer people needed to decommission your data center