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Iron Mountain’s “The Underground” is a secure information storage facility that lies 220 feet below ground in a massive, naturally protected former limestone mine.

November 11, 20166 mins
iron mountain storage facility
For truly secure information management and protection, go underground.

Iron Mountain’s “The Underground” is a secure information storage facility that lies 220 feet below ground in a massive, naturally protected former limestone mine. The Underground is the trusted repository for vital records of all types, including some of the world’s most valuable information.

Encompassing 1.8 million square feet of developed space designed to preserve information against extreme temperature or humidity, natural disasters, or pests, the Underground offers a suite of services for information stored in a wide range of formats. It provides:

  • Exceptional Security. Armed guards, 24/7 monitoring, and leading-edge technology make this an ultra-secure facility, trusted by federal government agencies.
  • Environmental Protection. Vaults maintain specified temperature and relative humidity conditions for medium-term and extended-term storage conditions.
  • Rapid Accessibility. Records can be shipped immediately upon request or imaged for instant access.
  • Flexible Conversion. Records can be converted to digital format in bulk, or scanned as needed with our budget-friendly Image On-Demand solution.
  • Flexible Storage Options. We can accommodate your storage needs for any amount of information, in any format.
  • Private or Shared Vaults. Choose a secure shared vault for vital records storage or a dedicated Private Vault.
Since 1951, the Underground has offered a level of protection that traditional storage facilities can’t match. Over 2,300 companies worldwide trust their vital records to Iron Mountain’s Underground. To learn how our rock solid facility can help you, contact us today.


  • Concrete block and natural limestone walls – 1,800,000 square feet
  • All facilities designed to a minimum Class A, 3-hour fire rating, including all walls, doors, and wall penetrations
  • Steel shelving for carton storage and steel racks for tape storage
  • Private space for classified or confidential records available

Environmental Protection

  • Appropriate environmental conditions maintained based upon media type and client demand
  • Available conditions; 72° F/45%, 68° F/25%, 50° F/35%, 45° F/30%, 35° F/30%
  • Lower conditions and vinegar syndrome solutions available upon request

QA Programs

  • NARA 1571 and other industry-specific programs


  • Accessible through a drift entry, protected by a 3-ton steel gate, 24-hour armed guards, closed circuit cameras, and a commercially monitored central security station
  • Impervious to man-made or natural disasters such as fire, flood, tornado, lightning strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and sabotage
  • Staff and visitors must present satisfactory ID and be cleared in advance prior to entry
  • Alarm technology installed throughout includes passive infrared motion detectors, photo-beam detectors, sound-activated microphones, and magnetic door contacts
  • Perimeter security fencing and vehicle crash barriers to prohibit unauthorized vehicle entry
  • Level IV Department of Justice Security Rating
  • Individual customers may establish their own additional security measures for their private space if desired, administered by Iron Mountain security staff

Fire Suppression Systems

  • All fire suppression systems meet current NFPA standards and are designed by fire engineer professionals
  • Systems include wet pipe or pre-action sprinklers, and gaseous fire suppression such as FM200 or Halon
  • On-site, OSHA-approved fire brigade staffed by Iron Mountain maintenance and security personnel

Facility Maintenance

  • On-site, 24/7 staff maintains the facility, all equipment, HVAC, fire suppression systems, alarm systems, electrical systems, and 26 emergency diesel power generators


  • 2,500 customers in 43 states and 3 continents
  • Over 2,700 workers are underground on a daily basis


  • 100% environmentally controlled storage for all media formats meeting ISO Standards and NQA-1
  • Duplication of all media formats
  • Microfilm production & processing underground with Kodak Digital Archive Writers®
  • On-site Imaging Center with 24/7 staffing

Data Services

  • Available dedicated data center functions
  • Redundant power, HVAC, reduced power consumption,
  • Redundant telecom capabilities with wide range of bandwidth and capabilities

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