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November 2, 20236 mins

Iron Mountain on AWS for public sector


Business challenge

Educational institutions and local, state, and federal government institutions and agencies have long recognized that data can be used to enhance efficiency along with quality of life for citizens. But despite years of digital transformation, the public sector still depends heavily on paper documents, including decades of paper records that need to be preserved for future generations and for regulatory compliance. Sifting through paperwork, managing records manually, and waiting for urgent information that may be incomplete or missing slows down operations and leads to poor constituent experiences.


According to the Office of the President, “the Federal Government spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of hours annually to create, use, and store Federal records in analog (paper and other non-electronic) formats. Maintaining large volumes of analog records requires dedicated resources, management attention, and security investments that should be applied to more effectively managing electronic records."1 

The processes that create analog records increase burden on citizens by requiring them to conduct business with the Government in person or by mail, rather than online, and trap valuable Federal data in paper records where it can only be extracted manually and at great expense."

In addition, public sector organizations are faced with added pressure to harness information while complying with competing initiatives, mandates, and directives maintaining data access and transparency.

1 Executive Office of the President, Memorandum M-19-21, June 2019.

What if you could

Digitize, store, and dispose of documents and manage information in a secure, unified manner to help your agency and institution:

  • Cut costs by reducing redundancy and complexity to save time and resources.
  • Increase efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and insights into important metrics to help workers provide better service to constituents.
  • Support security and compliance, better enable discovery management, and contribute to information governance.

Iron Mountain public sector solutions on AWS

Iron Mountain® InSight® is a cloud-native intelligent document management system built on AWS. It combines data management and information governance with advanced AWS capabilities. Solutions are fully hosted and managed in a subscription model, available via AWS Marketplace.

The solution ingests, processes, and unifies physical and digital records, using intelligent automation to classify, extract, and enrich data to reveal deeper insights, faster. This can transform your organization by helping you achieve:

  • Time and cost savings: Save the cost of printing, mailing, and managing paper documents. Optimize operations by managing digitized and digital-native documents in a single, automated workflow.
  • Better constituent service: On-demand access to applications, information, and other services saves citizens a trip to a physical office, while digitization helps staff process claims, applications, and requests faster. Authorized users can quickly and easily track the location and disposition of every file via easy access to records and documents from anywhere using a single web-based portal.
  • Improve security and compliance: Better protect sensitive data through robust access controls, security rules, and reporting, plus features that streamline audit and discovery compliance.

Digitize now

Contact us to learn how Iron Mountain public sector solutions on AWS can help you save costs and improve services, while maintaining data compliance. Visit Iron Mountain InSight on AWS Marketplace to learn more.

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