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Storing, retrieving, and analyzing energy subsurface information across a variety of different form factors (large maps, well logs, drawings, tape, seismic sections) is a daunting challenge.

December 18, 20237 mins
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Business challenge

Storing, retrieving, and analyzing energy subsurface information across a variety of different form factors (large maps, well logs, drawings, tape, seismic sections) is a daunting challenge. Driving strategic decisions is often difficult because both the format and location of data, like well locations, is not easily accessible.

  • Natural resource exploration demands precise data-driven decisions due to the high cost of drilling. This data is also crucial for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, impacting every part of the business.
  • Accessing and understanding energy subsurface data is challenging. Old physical formats clash with the flood of new digital data. Offsite storage and compatibility issues with current analysis models further hinder access to information.
  • The task of finding reliable data from multiple sources is daunting, especially when rapid analysis is needed. Unstructured data storage, manual processes, and global operations add to these complexities.
What if you could

Access and analyze massive, distributed and incongruent datasets to help your organization:

  • Digitize disorganized and physically distanced information to speed analysis
  • Drive operational efficiency for a more productive global workforce
  • Reduce access time to legacy subsurface data, driving better decision making

Iron Mountain Upstream Subsurface Data solution

Iron Mountain is the trusted partner for energy companies. Our Upstream Subsurface Data solution, offered with Katalyst Data Management, enables you to:

digitize 2

Digitize legacy assets


Digitize legacy assets

Gain visibility into massive stores of unstructured legacy energy data by digitizing key information and making it available in Katalyst’s iGlass software. Geoscientists can now visually seek insights, often uncovering previously lost or miscategorized subsurface data. The timely access to this unified data can drive faster strategic decisions with more confidence.

Improve operations


Improve operations

Organizations can drive better operational efficiency by unifying their subsurface data into a single platform. The Upstream Subsurface solution aids retrieval, preparation, digitization, classification, and quality control of subsurface data records and documents across multiple geographic locations, consolidating subsurface data.
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Preserve knowledge


Preserve knowledge

With a digital auditable chain of custody and secure warehouses, our project teams can help you reduce the footprint and administrative costs associated with storing and retrieving data by including filterable metadata. We do this by converting physical documents, tape, and other data formats into easily searchable data to help maximize revenue generation.

Upstream energy businesses can realize clear benefits with:

  • Get better visibility: Enable your organization to see broader aspects of your data. Regardless of the format or structure, your massive collection of unstructured data can be accessible and organized, enabling better understanding of the information that allows a geoscientist to analyze and identify hidden opportunities.
  • Increase efficiency: Focus efforts where they can truly deliver the best performance. Iron Mountain’s high-speed scanning supercenters and logistics coordination can help boost productivity by offloading routine tasks where Iron Mountain excels.
  • Improved decision making: Let the value of digitally connected information drive smarter decisions faster. Accelerate your business opportunities and turn your existing information assets into a stronger and more predictable revenue stream.

Contact Iron Mountain to learn how we can help optimize your energy enterprise, accelerating efficiency and higher velocity. To see a demo, reach out to an Iron Mountain expert.

Industry fact

Iron Mountain stores more than 1.75M cubic feet of core samples, physical documents and digital media, and is strategically positioned to also store seismic digital assets.

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