Generative AI and the Data Center Industry

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Learn more about everything that Generative AI can do for your business and which implications it will have on the data center industry.

March 5, 20243 mins
Generative AI and the Data Center Industry

Generative AI will power more and more applications over the coming decade. ChatGPT, DALL-E, GitHub Copilot and Stable Diffusion, are just the first generation, creating and sorting images, answering complex questions, creating websites, and making programming accessible to all. At Iron Mountain Data Centers, we provide the infrastructure for many High-Power Compute (HPC) configurations running generative AI, and have developed specialist facilities that meet their needs. High-density power, modular architecture, high-bandwidth training (input) and inference (output) connectivity and advanced cooling are all critical factors for customers. It has been a fascinating process supporting these new applications that promise to accelerate innovation and even save lives, and starting the step change in infrastructure design that our industry will have to make.

See how the data center industry is ramping up to support Generative AI demand and how we can support these HPC infrastructure requirements.

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