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A Tour of the Iron Mountain Underground - More Than Just a Building

June 22, 20135 mins
 Welcome to Iron Mountains National Data Center - A server room


Hello I'm Nick Salimbene, I'm the director of business development for Iron Mountain data centers. Welcome to the underground.

One of the things that really makes us unique is the fact that we are located 220 feet underground in a former limestone mine that occupies a 145 acres and it makes us virtually impervious to any natural disasters. Storms, earthquakes, hurricanes... have no effect on us or on our operations because we're located in a very secure natural environment that we have natural geothermal cooling that's provided by mother nature.

Our limestone walls actually absorb heat. We have an undergrad aquifer and we use that water to pump at grade to cool the inside of the data centers. Our natural ambient temperature is 52 degrees so we have a very slow differential that we're looking to battle when cooling your facility.

When you decide to locate your data center at the undergrad this is actually where the process begins. We're in a space here that is being pre-developed for your data center. In the area there's a lot of loose material that has to be removed as well as securing the sides and the roof before we can begin construction. Well here we are at phase 2, which is the actual construction of your data center. What you see going on behind me the workers are working on the physical outer walls in your facility as well as putting up the infrastructure which is the electrical, the mechanical, and the power to support the data center.

Iron Mountain has been delivering data centers for over 10 years. We offer a complete engineering design and construction services. Let's go take a look inside.

So here we are now inside the data center that's actually under construction. And what we do is work with you on your requirements. The data center is constructed and designed to meet your specific requirements.

Here we are inside a fully operational data center located 220 feet below the surface in a secure Iron Mountain facility.

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