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With Iron Mountain's technological and archive expertise, the museum has developed practices to preserve and showcase its varied holdings.

January 2, 2012 mins
The Grammy Museum has turned to Iron Mountain for technological expertise and best practices in the preservation of its musical treasures


Lacked the proper storage and security necessities to maintain a permanent collection.


Iron Mountain Entertainment Services


Improved collection preservation capabilities has allowed for growth of the collection and using advanced technology has elevated the museum attractions for its visitors.


Bob Santelli (Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum)

Having Iron Mountain as one of our partners allows us to do many, many things. Aside from the fact that it is a company of great reputation "“ really the standard bearers in the industry "“ what it's given us is the ability to use their technological and digital media expertise to elevate and upgrade what we do here.

And second thing is, it allows us the opportunity now to create a permanent collection. In order to create a permanent collection, you have to have the proper storage space. It's got to be the right temperature, right humidity. All of this has to be controlled. Security "“ we had none of that here.

We have a desire to learn from Iron Mountain, so we kind of look at Iron Mountain in some ways, as almost like a mentor.

The way you conserve things, the attention to detail that your company has that allows my registrars and my curatorial teams to learn how to conserve and preserve and store, it's all very, very important to us. We have created archives, hours upon hours of great music that has been made here and great interviews that have been conducted here. So if you are a Dave Matthews fan and you heard about the Dave Matthews legendary performance at the Grammy Museum eight or nine months ago, you would be able to come here, sit down with headphones and watch it.

That is a result of a relationship that we have with Iron Mountain.

"It allows us the opportunity to create a permanent collection."

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