Iron Mountain’s Smart Sort Facility Tour

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Smart Sort is a simple and budget-friendly solution to help you finally gain control of your records inventory.

October 17, 20235 mins
Iron Mountain’s Smart Sort Facility Tour

You’re storing boxes and boxes of files filled with commingled files and various retention requirements. Which means you’re wasting money storing documents you don’t need and, worse, you’re increasing risk. And without the time, expertise or resource to tackle a project of this magnitude – you’re stuck – boxed in.

Discover how Smart Sort can help you take control of your records inventory, by:

  • Organizing your records by required retention periods
  • Making defensible decisions about what records to keep, digitize, or destroy
  • Digitizing information for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing the cost and risk of records storage
  • Establishing a process to avoid this situation going forward

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