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Learn how we make it easy to preserve your company's reputation and save money while complying with the laws and regulations governing document destruction.

April 7, 2017 mins
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Take a look inside Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding service. Learn how we make it easy to preserve your company’s reputation and save money while complying with the laws and regulations governing document destruction.


Improper information destruction and disposal represents a major risk for businesses today. Many Federal and State Laws require companies to securely destroy confidential or personally identifiable information. Office shredders can help but they are noisy and slow and can end up costing even more than their purchase price as employees wait to feed papers by hand into the shredders.
Iron Mountain SecuremShredding is a simple, cost effective way to reduce your exposure to risk and protect your company's reputation. More than 73,000 customers throughout North America rely on Iron Mountain secure shredding services. We shred over 40,000 pounds of material per month throughout our network of secure shredding facilities and our recycling efforts help save over 4 million trees every year.

Let's go inside Iron Mountain to see how it all works.

We place locked collection containers in strategic locations throughout your offices. Our driver transports the containers to a protected shredding facility in a secure Iron Mountain vehicle. The documents remain locked in collection containers until their arrival at an Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Facility where they are immediately co-mingled with millions of other documents. Precision commercial equipment is used to shred documents in a two-stage process. Materials are first cut into strips then cross shredded to ensure complete destruction. The shredded materials are then bailed and securely transported to a pulping mill for recycling. In addition to paper and cardboard, we can securely destroy plastics such as computer disks, CD-ROMs, DVD's, back up and video tapes, microfiche, X-rays, ID badges and bank cards. Following service completion Iron Mountain provides customers with a certificate of destruction recorded on their monthly invoice.

For customers that require witnessed destruction of materials, Iron Mountain also offers an on-site secure shredding service option. An Iron Mountain mobile shredding unit destroys documents and other paper-based materials on your premises. You can witness the destruction process using an on-board close circuit television system.

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Services offer you a proven solution for managing the compliant destruction of sensitive information.

Iron Mountain: protecting the world's information.

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