Step 3 on your digital transformation journey - Store your information

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Where you store your content is critical. When evaluating digital storage options, consider whether you want to store your data on-premises, in a shared data center, or with a cloud services provider.

April 11, 20232 mins
Step 3 on Your Digital Transformation Journey - Store Your Information

With on-premises data storage you get: complete ownership of the process and equipment, no offsite data transfers, or risk of someone else’s downtime affecting your business. Datacenters on the other hand offer a cost-effective operating expense model , the ability to quickly scale up or down and access to the provider’s space, power, and security experts.

Another option is cloud storage which gives you

  • greater flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • minimal maintenance
  • ideal for remote workers and collaboration

Whatever option you choose, ensure your information is stored in a way that's centralized, easily accessible, and secure. And you’ll improve collaboration and create an opportunity to streamline and automate business processes.

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