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Franchise provides secure shredding for small business owners

April 22, 20153 mins
The UPS store- secretary taking paper record in an office


Hi, I'm Don Pollard, I'm the owner of the UPS store in Chester, New Jersey. It's really a great community in the sense that we have a mix of small businesses. We like to make sure when our customers walk out the door they just don't think that they shipped a package or shredded their documents, they say “wow, that was a great experience”.

You know in the past, we had one of those little $90 shredders, and after about the fourth time around it burned out the motor and that was it. You know I felt that we needed to bring something in that was more of a professional and large scale shred opportunity, and that's what I saw in Iron Mountain. Customers can come in at any time and bring in any amount of shredding. We have a bin here, it's a secure bin, it's locked, only the driver can open it when they come. We take their documents, that's taken to a plant, it's turned into a pulp and recycled. Not only are peoples documents securely destroyed forever, but it's also good for the environment.

We've had accountants bring in shredding, we've had law offices bring in shredding, and then we have individuals. It's really a wide variety. I think there's a commonality amongst all these customers when they come in, and that is that they really want to securely shred their documents. They are concerned about identity theft, they're concerned about putting it out in the trash. We don't really do shredding, we do secure document destruction.

People want to take their documents somewhere where they trust the people are going to shred them. Having UPS in our name helps with that trust factor. That's a company that's widely respected and trusted. Also the fact that we know our customers, we're local in the community. Thirdly, we are partnering with Iron Mountain, they really are well known. They've been well established in this industry, they are the leader, and they're a well recognized brand name. When we take our documents and we turn them over to Iron Mountain to shred, I really don't have anything to worry about in terms of any of that information getting out into the public. I find that working in Iron Mountain, they know me, they know my business. They give me great customer service. We're a small business, we can relate to small businesses.


“We're a small business, we can relate to small businesses.”

Don Pollard Franchise Owner, The UPS Stores, in Chester, New Jersey

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