The twin infrastructure impacts of generative AI and how to deal with them


Sustainability leader Iron Mountain Data Centers is investing heavily in next generation carbon reduction measures which will be vital to sustain the exponential growth of generative AI. Read the digital report from Sustainability Magazine today.

December 15, 202312 mins
Data centers twin infrastructure impacts of generative AI

2023 will be looked back on as the year generative AI burst into the public consciousness and businesses frantically adapted their models to accommodate it. The ability of Large Language Models (LLMs) to bridge the linguistic gap between humans and machines has caught the popular imagination and raised awareness of the potential to automate and improve many aspects of our lives.

In this initial flurry of speculation it can be difficult to find reliable forecasting models on which to base sound business decisions. However, in data centre infrastructure the impacts are more predictable than most, and Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) believes they will drive an industry-wide design revolution fuelled by sustainability. Smart data centre users undertaking AI investment should be aware of this and start planning for it now.

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