Kickstart digitization


Whether you're just starting or need to accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey, it's time to kickstart digitalization and power your mission's data foundation.

May 30, 202312 mins
Kickstart Digitization

Rev Your Data Engine

Whether you’re just starting or need to accelerate yourorganization’s digital transformation journey, it’s time to kickstartdigitalization and power your mission’s data foundation.

Sorting through thousands of boxes filled with commingled files is no easy task.Rather than DIY, bring in a trusted partner with the technology, defensible andrepeatable processes to take the first step on your digital journey.

  • 75% of agencies have policies and procedures that instruct staff on managing permanent records in all formats.
  • 24% of agencies said their permanent electronic records meet the transfer guidance, contain the appropriate metadata, have tested and/or successfully transferred these records to the National Archives.
  • 18% of agencies are developing policies and procedures
Kickstart Digitization

Learn how Iron Mountain can help accelerate your digital transformation journey with our phased approach to help you meet your digitalization goals or meet M-23-07 compliance.