Severe weather alert – Puerto Rico: Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona

Monday, September 19, 2022

This message is to update you on the status of our locations in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Fiona has strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane and continues to impact Puerto Rico with catastrophic flooding, landslides and an island-wide power outage. Despite these conditions, we have completed assessments of our facilities and have determined that all of our facilities in Puerto Rico will be closed due to this severe weather.

Based on the current scenario, we’ll change our service across Puerto Rico on Tuesday September 20 and Wednesday September 21, 2022. We’ll tentatively reopen them on Thurs Sept 22.

We will continue with more detailed inspections at our locations, but presently we can report that customer inventory was not impacted as a result of this storm. Please be advised these locations are closed and not operational and we anticipate service delays upon reopening due to local travel restrictions from road and bridge closures.

Our Crisis Management and Business Continuity teams are actively engaged to ensure business can resume as quickly as possible. Be assured that we will make all efforts to complete and reschedule affected orders that we are unable to service due to the severe weather. Our teams will work with a sense of urgency through any backlog that may be caused by this storm.

We want you to be aware of this severe weather threat and encourage you to contact our Customer Care team for status updates, service requests, or any other needs that you may have during this time.

Please be “weather aware,” and review the weather site, for the most accurate and up to date information by geographic area. Be sure to also check out our Alert Center for regular updates and preparedness information.