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According to the National Hurricane Center,  the expectation is Teddy remains a powerful post-tropical cyclone while it moves near or over portions of Atlantic Canada through tonight. 

Based on its current path, and in anticipation of severe weather impacts, on Wednesday, September 23, we’re making some changes to these markets in Canada:

  • Nova Scotia: We're expecting delays all day long for all business lines.

  • Newfoundland: We’ll face an impact on our remote route from Clarenville to Grandfalls-Windsor, which we’ll only complete next week.

We’ll continue to monitor the forecast and current conditions of Teddy's path, providing you additional updates as we receive more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Iron Mountain’s Customer Care team:

  • Records Management and Shredding customers, 1-800-934-3453 

  • Data Management customers, 1-888-365-4766  

Thank you for your business and please let us know if we can be of assistance as we continue to monitor the path of this storm.