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We strive to take responsibility for a sustainable future by unlocking opportunities in our operations and beyond.

We embrace our responsibility to contribute to the fight for a net zero future for our planet, seeking opportunities to improve environmental performance within our operations. We enable our customers to manage information while meeting their environmental goals. And we partner with our suppliers to unlock opportunities to protect our planet, together.

A commitment to reducing environmental impact


Iron Mountain is a signatory to The Climate Pledge™ - committing to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Accord.

By 2040 we will use 100% clean electricity, 100% of the time in our data centers. To accelerate decarbonization of the grid, we are going beyond our RE100 commitment of 100% renewable electricity. We will use the Google methodology for matching site by site electricity use with local clean power generation every hour, every day to achieve 24/7 clean power.

By 2040 we will drive Circular Economy innovation by working toward zero waste in our operations and collaborating with others to create closed-loop Products and Services.

By 2030 all Iron Mountain Data Centers worldwide will be Climate Neutral, as part of our commitment as a signatory to the EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact.

We will maintain 100% renewable electricity supply for our global data center business and achieve 90% renewable electricity corporate wide by 2025 -15 years ahead of our RE100 commitment.

By 2025 all new construction multi-tenant data center facilities will be certified to the BREEAM Green Building Standard.

We will go beyond our current Science-Based Target (25% reduction of absolute GHG emissions from our 2016 baseline) and by 2025 will achieve a reduction of 25% of GHG emissions from Scope 1 & 2 energy sources from our 2019 baseline.

By 2023 we will increase our reporting coverage of waste and recycling data to at least 90% of our global operations.

Key Highlights

In 2020, all Iron Mountain Data Centers achieved ISO 140001 certification (Environmental Management Standard) and recertified all Data Center facilities under ISO 50001 (Energy Management).

In 2020, Iron Mountain sourced 81% of global electricity from renewable sources.

In 2020, Iron Mountain achieved a 61% reduction of absolute emissions from 2016 baseline and an 18.5% year-over-year reduction.

In 2020, Iron Mountain recorded a 15% year-over-year reduction in natural gas use in North America.

Winner of the 2020 RE100 Leadership Awards’ Most Impactful Pioneer award for our Green Power Pass solution.


We are committed to transparent reporting on corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our commitments and progress against key measures of success for our efforts in the community, our environment, and for our people.
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PROTECTING Our Planet Stories

Iron Mountain, winner of RE100 Leadership Awards’ Most Impactful Pioneer - Solar panels

Iron Mountain, winner of RE100 Leadership Awards’ Most Impactful Pioneer

Iron Mountain cuts GHG emissions

Iron Mountain cuts GHG emissions by 52% in 2019 and met science-based target six years early

Iron Mountain achieved Better Building Initiatives Goal

Iron Mountain achieved Better Building Initiatives Goal and sets a second goal in a live virtual event with the U.S. Department of Energy