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Living Legacy Initiative

Unlocking the value of the past to help shape the future.

The Living Legacy Initiative is Iron Mountain’s commitment to preserve and make accessible cultural and historical information and artifacts.

The initiative is continually evolving to meet the needs of our community. We have fostered and grown a number of long-term partnerships with trusted organizations with the similar purpose of unlocking the past to shape the future.

We are committed to telling the whole story, so that we can look back and gain a better understanding of our past, in order to move forward in shaping a brighter future for all of us. Through the creation of educational content we are making sure that these valuable stories are accessible and can be leveraged for engaging learning experiences.

Every day, we protect our customers’ most vital assets and information and we extend that same expertise to nonprofit organizations through our Living Legacy Initiative. We believe we have a responsibility to strengthen our communities and the expertise to make it happen.

We work with our partners to go beyond just preserving the past. Through the creation of educational content we are making sure that these valuable stories are accessible and can be leveraged for engaging learning experiences. You can take a virtual tour of a historical site you would have never otherwise been able to experience or learn about a person who despite incredible contributions and achievements was somehow lost in history. Our partners are creating 3D virtual tours, classroom lesson plans, education videos, preserving historical archives and more to unlock the value of the past.

Our process

Iron Mountain’s objective is to build mutually beneficial partnerships that represent the best outcomes for our mission, community, partners and business. Grant partners are established on a rolling annual basis, developed by the program manager, and voted on by the Living Legacy Committee. We look at factors including: how partnerships connect and drive our commercial business; an organization’s mission; its geography and catchment area; the historical time period; its ability to affect customer or employee engagement; and the opportunity for public awareness. Living Legacy helps museums and other nonprofit institutions protect and provide access to myriad cultural and heritage data resources by offering a combination of financial grants, in-kind services and customized management expertise.

Journey to Equal Rights

We partner with selected nonprofit organizations on projects with an equal rights component.

As we continue the ongoing fight to achieve social equality for all, the history of the origins of these movements remains largely untold. Through virtual exploration of the places that ignited movements for social justice, the Journey to Equal Rights program amplifies the stories of activism that continue to shape our world today.

Our long-time partner CyArk, a nonprofit that digitally records, safeguards and archives world heritage sites, created the Journey to Equal Rights collection through the support provided by the Living Legacy Initiative. Join CyArk and Iron Mountain on a virtual journey to five places that have been pivotal in our ongoing struggle to achieve social equality. Take a 3D guided tour and discover stories of resistance and the fight for change that have propelled these causes forward over the last century. Browse the accompanying lesson plans funded by Iron Mountain that can be used by educators and students to learn more about these important moments in our history.

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