Iron Mountain's Chris Greene discusses the importance of securely and sustainably eliminating old IT assets


March 2nd, 2023

March 2, 2023 mins
Iron Mountain on Getting Rid of Storage Junk

Without safe disposal of devices, confidential information could fall into the wrong hands. To safeguard this, it’s essential to ensure secure transport of devices to disposal sites and to establish a protected chain of custody.

In an interview with Blocks and Files, Chris Greene, Global Head of ALM Enterprise Sales and Account Management, shares his thoughts on the importance of securely and sustainably eliminating old IT assets.

“Secure disposal practices start with strong data protection and asset management practices – drives should be encrypted, tracked, and maintained via tags tied to an inventory system,” said Greene. “Organizations need to choose a secure data destruction and erasure method. Shredding and wiping (with overwriting software such as Iron Mountain’s Teraware) are acceptable methods for all media types, and degaussing is acceptable for magnetic media (i.e., not SSDs).”

Iron Mountain can assist with securely wiping devices and providing facilities that are R2-compliant (Responsibly Recycled) and equipped with shredding equipment.

Learn more about Iron Mountain's secure disposal of old IT assets here.

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