Mark Kidd talks trust, security and sustainability

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EVP of Data Centers and Asset Lifecycle Management discusses sustainability and security with growth of business.

February 19, 202431 mins
Woman reporting on data systems

Last month, Mark Kidd, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data Centers and Asset Lifecycle Management, spoke about sustainable data centers, asset lifecycle management (ALM) and IT asset disposition (ITAD) on the Sustainable Tech Partner podcast.

In the interview, Mark talks about our approach to renewable energy - and how that's evolved since the inception of our Data Centers business in 2013. Today, we want a local power source and we push the 24/7 approach: sourcing energy for all hours of the day. But how did that come about, and what are the differences in striving for that around the world?

Mark also discusses the development and evolution of Iron Mountain’s asset lifecycle management business: "When we think about the IT end-of-life process, an enormous consideration is what's happening to the data on the IT asset, and who do we trust to get rid of that...The initial starting point was around [Iron Mountain's] trust and security."He goes on to discuss the recent history of asset lifecycle management at Iron Mountain, from the ITRenew acquisition in early 2022 to our recent acquisition of Regency Technologies.

You can hear more from Mark, including his view of key trends for asset lifecycle management coming out of 2023, in the full podcast through Sustainable Tech Partner here.