In the media: Newsweek shares Iron Mountain’s Deep Thinking

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Iron Mountain’s Chris Pennington highlights closed-loop underground cooling system to support data center water usage.

March 28, 20247 mins
Media newsweek of Iron Mountains water usage

Data centers support us every day - in fact, you wouldn’t be reading this without them. But as those servers work to bring us things like the internet, and more recently artificial intelligence (AI), they generate heat, and they need water to cool them down. While electricity is a valuable resource that’s often looked at through a sustainability lens for companies, this use of a finite resource - water - is something that’s a bit more elusive.

A Newsweek article last month profiled Iron Mountain’s unique solution to the “squeeze on water”. “We utilize a large underground lake to cool the data center, and regularly monitor the water level and temperature of the lake," Iron Mountain Data Centers Director of Energy & Sustainability, Chris Pennington, told Newsweek. "It works extremely well and is a feature that helped the site become the first underground facility to receive Energy Star certification."

Solutions like this closed-loop cooling system helped us win four stars on Newsweek’s 2024 ranking of America’s Greenest Companies, and the underground placement offers our customers the security they’ve come to expect from Iron Mountain for almost 80 years.

You can read the full article in Newsweek here.