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Custom Kitting and Booklets: Cut the Clutter and Make a Good Impression


Marketing Fulfillment

Custom Kitting and Booklets: Cut the Clutter and Make a Good Impression

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  2. Custom Kitting and Booklets: Cut the Clutter and Make a Good Impression
If you want to make a good impression on customers and prospects consider custom kitting and booklets.But don’t do it yourself,leave the manual labor to us

I don’t know about you, but I’m just way too busy these days. When I ask about a product or service, I don’t want a disorganized pile of unrelated literature. I want information that’s relevant and well organized.

So do your customers and prospects. That’s why custom kitting and booklets are the way to go whenever you’re sending multiple related items.

Kits and booklets can be used in virtually any industry or type of business, from regulated and non-regulated businesses, educational institutions and nonprofits. Uses include:

  • Brochures, flyers and other sales and marketing materials
  • Instructional and training documents
  • Promotional items or product samples
  • Customer or employee benefits booklets and enrollment forms
  • Recruiting and employment materials
  • Media and investor documents
  • Fundraising campaigns

Booklet or Kit?

When you’re sending primarily literature, a booklet allows you to organize the material in a logical sequence, creating a narrative flow that moves your recipient toward your desired end. If your booklet’s content is static, you can choose the permanence of spiral or perfect binding. But if you need to update or add content over time, you may find a binder to be a better choice.

If you have items other than literature to package, or a booklet just isn’t what you’re looking for, consider using a folder, which can have pockets and die-cuts to hold, not just documents, but business cards, CDs and promotional items, as well. You can even personalize the folder and select items within it using digital printing.

DIY or Outsource?

While it’s possible to assemble your own kits, ask yourself whether you have the staff and time to devote to this labor-intensive manual task. You’ll also need to set aside space to store, retrieve, collate and package your materials.

A better choice? Use the services of a good fulfillment company, like Iron Mountain for your custom kitting and booklet needs. We’ll help you design and produce your materials, store them and fulfill your orders when you are ready for them.

Want to make it even simpler? Use the eKit tool on our online order and inventory management system. Just select the materials you want, choose the order in which you want them presented, tell us how you want them packaged, then choose your recipients.

Process of Custom and Kitting and Booklets

Once you submit your order, you’re free to focus on other business activities, while we build and deliver your kits.

So, if you want to make a good impression on customers, prospects and other audiences, but you don’t need any more demands on your time, here’s a tip. Use custom kits and booklets, but don’t do it yourself. Leave the manual labor to us, so you can focus on business activities that help you and your company succeed.

For more information on custom kitting, download our Custom Kitting and Booklets Data Sheet or contact Iron Mountain today.

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