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Is Your Fulfillment and Distribution Experience “Plug and Play?”

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We’ve heard the term “plug and play.” That’s the kind of experience you should expect from your fulfillment and distribution company. Iron Mountain has…

We’ve all heard the term “plug and play.” And who doesn’t love that concept? Just open the box, plug it in and start the action.

That’s the kind of experience you should expect from your fulfillment and distribution company. Simply select the items you want to send, place the order and voilà! Your fulfillment partner pulls the required materials, puts them in a box or envelope and sends them out, quickly and accurately.

Of course, there are a lot of logistics that need to be handled behind the scenes to make that happen. Like making sure you always have enough inventory in stock… determining the most cost-effective way to ship your orders… and having the right people, processes and technology to handle any size order efficiently.

Pick and pack is the most basic service offered by every literature and order fulfillment company. Yet, as basic as it is, it’s incredibly important to your business success. If your vendor is slow in filling your orders, or sends inaccurate or incomplete shipments, you could be missing opportunities to make a sale and grow your market share.

Are you getting the performance you expect? Your fulfillment company should be:

  • Shipping most orders the same day with 100 percent accuracy,
  • Actively suggesting ways to save you money, and
  • Providing the data you need to ensure the best return on your fulfillment dollars – in real time, 24 hours a day.

Beyond Pick and Pack

As your business grows, you’ll likely need additional services. Does your current vendor offer them? And are they available with the same “plug and play” simplicity?

Whether you need custom kits and booklets, point-of-sale or lead response fulfillment, you should be able to access those services just as easily – and get the same great turnaround and cost savings.

Better companies, like Iron Mountain, offer end-to-end solutions, including document creation and customization, print production, inventory management, fulfillment and consulting services to ensure continuous improvement in processes and results. Our online tools automate many creative and technical tasks, making it easier to address your top marketing, business communication and compliance-related challenges. In short, we help you expand your business opportunities and increase your response rates while enhancing your efficiency and saving money.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the quality of your fulfillment program is critical to your business success. This is your company’s point of contact with your customers and other stakeholders – the process by which your messages get into their hands. If you’re not getting A+ service from your current company, along with ease of doing business, contact Iron Mountain today.

Want more information on this topic? Download our Fulfillment and Distribution Solutions data sheet or read this related article and make sure to take a peek “behind the curtain” with this video of Iron Mountain’s fulfillment operations.

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