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RIM Rock Star: Heather Sharbaugh

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Meet RIM rock star Heather Sharbaugh. She goes above and beyond to show the value of records and information management in her organization. Learn more.

Meet Heather Sharbaugh. She is one our customers who goes above and beyond to demonstrate the value of records and information management within her organization. Heather is the Director of Academic Records for Career Education Corporation and one of our RIM Month Rock Stars. Let’s learn more about Heather:


I have been with Career Education Corporation for 14 years, working in various compliance, regulatory operations and academic related roles. Since 2008, my role has focused primarily on the company’s records.

I spend most of my free time with my children at hockey, lacrosse, dance and musicals. I would not have it any other way!

In my current role, I am most proud of the electronic transcript service we implemented to store and deliver credentials to our students. In the first year, we issued more than 10,000 electronic diplomas to our graduates. The repository where the records are housed has been drastically reduced, which makes it easier to locate the various types of records we house.

The biggest RIM challenge I face is having records, documents and information stored in so many different places. However, we completed a project in 2017 to move all of our archived transcripts and final student records to one system. It took four years to complete the project and two years prior to get stakeholder support and organization around the project.

My best advice to other RIM and IG professionals is to be persistent and keep pitching the ideas! It just takes getting in front of the right audience.


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