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RIM Rock Star: Anthony Jaddou

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Professional Development

RIM Rock Star: Anthony Jaddou

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Meet Anthony Jaddou from State Street Bank & Trust. Find out why he’s one of this month’s RIM Month Rockstars.

Meet Anthony Jaddou. He is one our customers who goes above and beyond to demonstrate the value of records and information management within his organization. Anthony is the VP – Director, Global Procurement at State Street Bank & Trust, and one of our RIM Month Rock Stars. Let’s learn more about Anthony: 


In addition to overseeing global procurement, I also manage our records and information program. I have been in the Procurement field for the past 18 years working in the manufacturing, Financial and Consulting industries.

I spend much of my free time connecting with family and catching up with my 25 nieces and nephews.  I am the youngest of 10 children.

Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all time.  I can watch it multiple times and still find it interesting.

I know I am successful at my job when I am able to teach someone something new about the risk and importance of proper records management. It’s that moment when someone says….”oh, I didn’t know that.” I am also proud of how State Street has embraced and supported our advancement of the RIM program globally.

My biggest RIM challenge has been trying to make Records and Information Management a “sexy” topic.  As such, we use various methods to engage internal clients like trivia games, internal social networks, roadshows, give-aways, training, etc.

Records and Information Management is so much more than just “storing records offsite.”  As RIM professionals, it’s important to take time and understand how the program impacts all of your business units and clients and the risk associated with not managing the program defensibly.


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