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Make Time for Earth Day, Spring Cleaning and IT Asset Disposition


IG, Regulations & Compliance

Make Time for Earth Day, Spring Cleaning and IT Asset Disposition

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The perfect time to launch an IT asset disposition initiative just might be on Earth Day.

Earth Day is on April 22, so now is the perfect time for organizations to do their part for the planet by finding and removing outdated IT assets. Moreover, IT asset disposition is not only good for the environment, but it also helps your organization stay compliant with data privacy guidelines. Consider working with a reputable partner to securely dispose of these assets and give your organization a thorough spring cleaning.

Fresh Reasons for IT Asset Disposition This Spring

Responsible — and regular — IT asset disposition helps organizations stay both compliant and Earth-friendly. Given the ever-increasing layers of data protection regulations requiring destruction of data that is no longer needed, now is a great time to launch a formal IT asset disposition initiative.

After all, the more data your organization leaves lying around, the more likely it is that a criminal may access it. Failure to securely dispose of IT assets makes organizations vulnerable to hackers. Plus, no one wants to be fined for mishandling sensitive information.

Out-of-date and decaying IT assets and devices also pose risks to the environment. E-waste, if not disposed of properly, can contaminate soil and groundwater. Improper recycling methods can expose workers to hazardous substances like mercury and lead, according to United Nations Environment. Every year, 50 million tons of e-waste are discarded, an amount that exceeds the weight of all of the commercial airlines ever made, UN News reports.

Make a Tough Task Easier

Given the amount of IT assets that even small organizations and sole proprietors can generate, IT asset disposition can seem daunting regardless of an organization’s size. After all, determining which IT assets are actually in current use is challenging enough. Some organizations track their employees’ every keystroke but can nonetheless be uncertain whether employees still keep their five-pound corporate laptops in their home offices.

The best option is to entrust IT asset disposition to professionals. They both know what they are doing and do it efficiently. In fact, Recycling Today reported that outsourcing IT asset disposition jumped from 70% between 2015 and 2016 up to 87% today.

How to Choose the Right IT Asset Disposition Vendor

Not just any vendor can handle the job. No one needs a vendor that takes inappropriate disposal shortcuts, particularly where the well-being of the planet is concerned. An organization seeking an IT asset disposition vendor should consider a prospective vendor’s own compliance track record and environmental policies. Of course, references, expertise, relevant certifications and pricing count, too.

Organizations might also research a prospective vendor’s process. How will IT assets be securely transported and stored? How will data be thoroughly erased? Has the vendor audited its own downstream processors? Will certificates of recycling and destruction be provided along with an audit report and an environmental report?

What an organization needs is an IT asset disposition partner equipped to recycle and securely dispose of e-waste in an environmentally responsible way. The planet — and the compliance auditors — will thank you.

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