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Work Locations Change. Information Responsibilities Don’t

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As you settle into the new routine of working from home, you can’t take your eye off of information mangement policies and procedures.

Many of us at Iron Mountain have been remote workers for years. As society collectively responds to staying safe from the COVID-19 virus, what is normal to my colleagues and me, may be very new and different for you. We want to share with you our experience to make your transition easier.

Our employers have made the responsible decision to protect us, but now we need to understand how to protect the records and data we’ll be creating, receiving, accessing and using from our home bases. And we do that with plenty of distractions that last week were not part of our workday: family members and pets in close proximity, helping children with distance learning, checking in on at-risk acquaintances, planning meals with limited supplies and more – including potential self-isolation and quarantine.

As you settle into the new routine of working from home, you can’t take your eye off of the policies and procedures with which your employer expects you to compliantly manage your organization’s information throughout its lifecycle. This is especially critical if you are in a position to handle records and data that include personal and sensitive information such as health records, customer loan information and intellectual property. Your responsibility remains the same whether in your office cubicle or at your dining room table.

To support your “new normal,” Iron Mountain’s created a best practices guide for remote workers that addresses the importance of being hyper-aware of your information management related policies, including those that address essential security and privacy requirements.

The strains of a tune from the play Hamilton keep playing in my mind: the world’s turned upside down. But another lyric is equally as prevalent – it’s an oldie by Johnny Nash that reminds me not to forget that sometime in our future we’ll experience “a bright, bright sunshiny day” together yet again. Stay safe.

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