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In this short podcast our host Sue Trombley is joined by Iron Mountain’s Arlette Walls to share a few tips for rethinking your RIM Awareness activities to meet the needs of a changed world.

For so many of us, disruption caused by the pandemic has forced us to rethink how we do so many daily activities that were “normal” not so long ago: going to school, commuting to work, visiting friends and family, and the list goes on.

During RIM Awareness month, we are encouraging organizations to rethink their approach to Records and Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG) - to take those disciplines and activities to a new dimension that aligns with our collective digital destiny.

We asked Arlette Walls, Iron Mountain’s Global RIM Manager, to give us her thoughts on how she is approaching RIM Awareness month through the lens of “rethink.” Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

While the pandemic may not make RIM awareness any more difficult than before, it certainly makes IG a higher priority, especially around the proliferation of collaboration tools and how to manage that mostly unstructured information. It points out our need to make sure our policies are up to date and relevant to today’s way of doing business.

No matter the IG maturity of an organization, we should take this opportunity to educate employees about compliance and defensible disposition, rather than focus entirely on clean up. If employees understand why they need to comply, they are more likely to act upon it. 

Consider pairing RIM Awareness month with annual RIM compliance training. Your Communications team, along with Privacy and Security, can help drive a campaign that could be segmented into 4 themed weeks covering topics such as: 

  • retention and destruction of data and records per policy, including privacy issues

  • compliance in collaboration tools 

  • legacy systems (from Outlook personal folders, to migrated information and decommissioned systems)

  • working from home and going back to the office.  

Each week can include shared case studies, tips and resources (internal and external) to support raising awareness. 

In this short podcast, our host Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, is joined by Arlette to share a few tips for rethinking your RIM Awareness activities to meet the needs of a changed world.




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