How to switch document storage vendors in 2024

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When you pay an organization to store your important documents, you need to know that everything is being kept safe, secure, unreachable by others, and highly reachable by you.

January 10, 20247 mins

In a nutshell, you want a document storage service you can trust. A management system that protects your assets while allowing you easy document access can make your life that much simpler and your business operations that much more effective.

Are you getting the service you seek? If your document management company is charging you inappropriately high fees, leaves your requests unanswered, seems to have no sense of urgency, or can’t be relied on to consider confidentiality at every turn, it may be time for a change.

How can you switch document storage vendors? It might be easier than it seems. By taking simple steps like examining the fine print in your current contract and beginning to send your documents elsewhere you can make the switch.

Reasons you might want to switch document storage vendors

There are many reasons why you may be feeling like now is a good time to switch to a new document management company. If you’re frustrations are running high, it could be that you have been considering doing this for some time.

Many people switch records management companies for the following reasons:

  • Service issues

  • Inflexible policies

  • Rising costs

  • Disorganization

How to go about switching

The good news is that by undertaking a few relatively painless steps, you can switch your offset information management provider and obtain the attention your documents need. You can start this process by making sure you do the following:

  • review your current contract

  • submit a termination notice

  • set up a new account

  • shred old files you don’t legally require

  • redirect newer files and documents

It’s a process you could start today!

1. Check your current contract

Before you switch, it’s important to check the fine print details in your current contract to know where you stand. Are you locked in until a certain date? Are their penalties for early termination of your contract? If you aren’t sure, forward your contract to us and we can review it for you and provide you with advice.

2. Submit a termination notice

Next, submit a formal termination notice in writing to your current records management provider. Let them know that you are leaving their services and when your last day of service will be. You may also let your current provider know who you will be switching to in order to ensure your new provider has proper access to your documents at the time of the switchover.

3. Set up a new account

There’s often nothing written down stating that you must keep submitting documents to your current records management provider if you are unsatisfied with their service. If you’re hoping to switch, you can simply start by sending your newer documents to another provider. You may be paying double storage for a while but once your older documents reach their destruction date, you can be free of the inadequate service your current provider is supplying.

4. Shred outdated, unnecessary files

Your files are important and keeping them in a safe place is a top priority. While you need to fulfill your legal obligation to have certain documents in your possession for a certain amount of time, once this passes, many records are no longer truly needed. Do you have items that can be shredded? Shredding your older documents can help relieve you of the need to keep working with your current provider and free you up to move onto working with someone else.

Iron Mountain provides clients with compliant, safe paper shredding. If you’re worried you may still want access to the information in the document at some point in the future, we can provide you with a digital PDF of your documents that you can access anytime and anywhere you wish.

Iron Mountain also provides the option of recurring shredding. Through strict security standards, we collect your sensitive documents and shred them every month. A secure shredder is used that involves locks and digital certificate disposal. You can rest assured all aspects of disposing of your documents securely are being covered.

What happens when you switch

When you decide to switch providers your current company will send you a final invoice. This will most likely identify any fees for the retrieval and removal of your documents. All your outstanding fees usually need to be paid in full before you can switch to a new provider and once they are, the transition can take place. Your documents will be collected by your new service provider and transported to the new document management site for safe keeping.

Switching to a new document storage and management company can help you work more efficiently and effectively and give you increased peace of mind that your sensitive and essential items are being looked after as they should be. Explore our plans and offerings and make the switch today.

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