Why you shouldn't store your business documents in a storage unit

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You have many documents stored in your office and you’re looking for a solid, cost-effective, convenient solution.Your important documents need to be stored in a place that’s safe, physically secure, and climate controlled.

January 10, 20247 mins

You have many documents stored in your office and you’re looking for a solid, cost-effective, convenient solution. Browsing online you quickly find exactly what you think you need: a self-storage locker located just down the road. They advertise security, it’s local, and you can access your documents anytime you wish. It’s a perfect solution! Or, is it?

Your important documents need to be stored in a place that’s safe, physically secure, and climate controlled. You also need someplace that allows you to manage your documents easily. While self-storage may have it’s advantages when it comes to guarding your furniture and other personal possessions, we believe your documents are best kept by a skilled document management provider.

Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn't store your documents in a self-storage unit

Self-storage can be costly

Renting a storage locker to house your documents can add up to hundreds of dollars a month in fees. Add in the fact that you will need to invest in storage racks, filing cabinets and boxes in order to attempt to keep your documents safely off the floor and well organized, and you’re facing an even larger bill.

What happens when you run out of space? The addition of another storage locker can double your costs quickly. You will need to find another unit, sign another lease, buy more storage racks and set everything up once more. And remember, all of this comes without the added benefit of document management, digitization, remote retrieval or enhanced security. When storing with a document management company, on the other hand, monthly fees are reasonable, organization is done for you, and you often don’t need to sign another contract when you need more space.

It’s inconvenient and has no retrieval system

A self-storage unit may be around the corner but if you need to retrieve and access your documents often, this means you will need to physically leave your office to do so. You will also be required to make the trip yourself anytime you add boxes to your unit. With a document management system like Iron Mountain however, all of your stored documents can be digitized, indexed and easily accessed for retrieval at any time online, anywhere. Your documents can also be managed through our online self-service dashboard. You can arrange to have boxes picked up and delivered, and even plan for shredding, all online.

Self-storage isn’t always safe

When you store your documents with a document management company, the company takes control and custody of your goods. With self-storage, however, this isn’t the case. If a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, or tornado hits, and your documents are damaged in a self-storage unit, there isn’t much you can do. The same is true if you are unlucky enough to have a neighbor who is storing a substance like oil spill and seep into your unit. With self-storage, you have no idea what might be stored next to your documents, potentially placing them at risk of being damaged.

With document management, however, digital copies of your documents can be kept in the cloud, keeping them safe from environmental hazards. And you know what’s in the building: documents only!

Documents in self-storage can be prone to theft or loss

Self-storage facilities often advertise security on the premises but this can be limited. This means that any documents kept therein could be at risk of being stolen, including information around your identity. Most often, your documents are only protected by a padlock and key! Break-ins can happen, leading to fraud, identity theft, and blackmail. Furthermore, if you neglect to pay your rental bill ontime, the contents of your unit could end up going to auction. Your important information could end up in just about anyone’s hands.

With business document storage solutions, your information is kept under constant top-quality security surveillance. All employees at sierra26 have undergone strict background checks and only those authorized to do so can see your files. You can rest assured that confidential data is kept secure from theft and corporate espionage at all times.

Self-storage hinders employee productivity

Storing your files in self-storage means you need someone from your office to go down to the unit to pick out files every time you need them. This takes valuable time away from trusted workers who could be spending their afternoon doing something more productive. You may also need to cover their mileage of traveling to and back from the self-storage unit, adding more costs to the project.

And there’s the fact that, even if your documents are out of sight, they can’t remain out of mind. You have a legal responsibility to destroy documents in a timely manner, meaning that someone needs to have the responsibility of constantly managing the contents of your boxes and filing cabinets. If no one does, your company could face compliance issues with regards to keeping confidential information. By having your documents in a self-storage unit, managing them in a timely manner becomes that much more complicated and time consuming.

With a document management company, however, you can easily access any bit of information you need from the comfort of your office. You save time and money, and can arrange to have necessary information destroyed through shredding at any time.

Self-storage often is not climate controlled

Finally, a document storage company like Iron Mountain offers a climate controlled environment for your documents, meaning they won’t be susceptible to mold, moisture, and mildew damage like they can be in self-storage. Humidity is controlled and pests are kept at bay in a clean, properly managed indoor environment.

Self-storage comes with its advantages for storing some items but when it come to important documents, you want a professional team on your side with your best interests in mind. At Iron Mountain, our comprehensive document storage and management services allow you to rest at ease knowing your documents are in qualified, trusted hands. Save money and time through our trusted services that include storage, shredding, digital and physical file access, and management through our online self-service dashboard. Check out our plans and pricing now and get the best for your important documents.