Cam: connection-rich secure partner for advanced hybrid it

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Reliability, security and efficiency are vital for CAM and its clients. Learn more about why they chose Iron Mountain Data Centers.

November 8, 20198 mins
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Healthcare ICT


Connection-Rich Secure Partnerfor Advanced Hybrid IT


Iron Mountain Data Centers

  • Network-rich environment to power advanced hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Industry-leading ISO and other availability and security standards
  • Highly responsive support team and high-growth expansion trajectory

Rock-solid partner for PaaS

CAM IT Solutions is a European leader in the provision of hybrid solutionsfor the highly competitive healthcare ICT sector, providing both onpremise and private cloud-based ICT infrastructure. Reliability, securityand efficiency are vital for CAM and its clients.

The company's solutions are critical to supporting the high-speed,ultra-secure, flexible solutions now needed to support hospitals, mentalhealth care, nursing care, home care and the disabled.

While CAM has to implement and manage a huge range of applications,and works with over a dozen technology partners, the company'soverwhelming challenge is gaining and retaining the trust of its clients,particularly for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

In order to do this the company needs a network-rich data center partnerwhose operational and service standards match the extremely demandingavailability and security criteria of the sector.

ISO accreditations are vital for CAM's customers. They are integratedinto CAM's own service chain so they become a vital function of theCAM business.

"Certifications are the proof, but the paperwork on its own isn't enough.The trust in the relationship behind them is even more important," saysWillem Drijver, CAM CEO.

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