E-commerce toy brand achieves fast, reliable fulfillment during its busiest season

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A growing retailer seeks a more agile logistics partner to handle rapid growth and a fluctuating market.

January 30, 20248 mins
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From September to done

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, this growing toy retailer faced formidable challenges. A year-over-year (YOY) volume surge left the D2C company scrambling for a higher-quality logistics partner to help navigate its upcoming Q4 retail season. With thousands of orders about to pour in each week, this supplier needed a solution that offered strategically located fulfillment center options and an efficient system for handling the high volumes.

Seeing a fulfillment partner with the space, resources, and ability to onboard quickly, the company began working with Iron Mountain in September 2023. Within two weeks the first fulfillment facility was launched in Haslet, TX—as part of the Dallas market—setting the stage for efficient parcel shipping directly to customers.

A second facility was quickly established in Jersey City, NJ, providing the retailer with enough support to navigate the holiday rush and handle approximately 10,000 orders per month during Q4. Particularly during peak events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, the warehousing operations successfully met service level agreements (SLAs) and ensured a smooth flow for the toy brand.

As the post-rush dust settled, the company was poised to ensure seamless operations with orders scaling down to under 1,000 per week in Q1. With an Iron Mountain team at the ready, this successful retailer is prepared for even bigger and better peak seasons in years to come.

There are a lot of moving pieces in the supply chain, especially with pinch points like Cyber Monday shopping. We hit our warehouse operation SLAs during this period, and everything flowed as expected for the customer.

John PelczarSupply Chain Solutions, Iron Mountain

Prime locations mean better customer service

In addition to YOY volume growth, the toy brand also experienced a customer geographic evolution. Expanding fulfillment facilities from the central United States to the East Coast ensured that this retailer could reach customers nationwide without compromising shipping standards during peak season.

“With individual parcel orders, it’s important to have locations close to your customers to provide the best value shipping,” says John Pelczar, Supply Chain Solutions at Iron Mountain. Lease and location flexibility become paramount for fulfillment centers to meet changing customer requirements.

Smooth sailing

Not only was a solution implemented within two weeks of project initiation, but the customer was prepared to execute peak season orders just weeks before they hit. The Iron Mountain team worked closely with the company to provide steadfast support and offer insights into potential pain points.

Operations ran smoothly during Q4 and SLAs were consistently met on time, with precise handling of order picking and outbound shipments.

An agile solution for an evolving supply chain

Retailers today need to be more prepared than ever to respond to a changing supply chain environment. Organizations looking to quickly scale operations from season to season and customer region to customer region need a partner who can move with them, quickly and efficiently.

This customer was able to implement a solution that fit their rapid growth while also scaling back during the post-holiday season, reducing unnecessary costs and improving their overall logistics operations.

Iron Mountain Warehousing and Logistics

At Iron Mountain, we can supplement or help build out your logistics network for the future of modern supply chain operations. With dedicated facilities throughout the US and Canada, we bring secure, agile, and trusted support for all your warehousing and logistics needs—from product distribution to fulfillment and transportation.

Partnering with us can help you navigate today’s dynamic supply chain environment and strengthen your operational resiliency for years to come. Learn more at www.ironmountain.com/services/warehousing-and-logistics

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Rapid growth and an approaching Q4 rush caused this retailer to seek a reliable direct-to-consumer logistics partner to take over fulfillment and manage seasonal fluctuations.


Iron Mountain Warehousing and Logistics


  • Launched two fulfillment locations within one month of the Q4 busy season
  • Provided excellent operational support and met warehousing service level agreements
  • Established an agile solution to expand with the rush season and provide year-round support