Pharmaceutical divestment enabled by digital imaging for shared assets

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Keeping sensitive data secure while providing access to needed information for a compliant business split

April 11, 20228 mins
Pharmaceutical Divestment

Keeping sensitive data secure while providing access to needed information for a compliant business split

Business challenge

A pharmaceutical company undergoing a divestiture needed to digitize vital records so both entities could split apart with the required data. The entities recognized that a DIY approach to managing the digitization and indexing process would require immense time and labor, and would lack any meaningful assurance of security and quality control—this would increase risk. The ideal scenario was to use a partner experienced with sensitive document handling and life sciences regulations that both parties could trust to manage the process.

Iron Mountain document imaging services

Iron Mountain provided Document Imaging Services, customizing a chain of custody to identify what information each organization had, track what each company was permitted to access, and document when contractual requirements for the split were met. We established 100% quality control over data storage and transfers, minimizing risk to data integrity and keeping regulatory compliance intact. Our team took control of the process, automating it as much as possible, to accelerate the timeline and reduce IT burden for both sides. This included ensuring that both parties were comfortable with how the information was indexed and made available, and testing process on both sides to minimize disruption.


Iron Mountain fully digitized the collection of mixed paper, microfilm and microfiche via an accelerated dual release process. As a neutral third-party, the customer used us to facilitate the trusted exchange of information in a controlled, organized, and jointly-approved way without compromising document quality. All processes and handling of data adhered to life science industry and government regulations, taking risk out of the process for both companies. With the details so seamlessly managed, neither company was bogged down by oversight and could stay focused on the business aspects of separating and moving forward quickly and cleanly.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated divestiture process and completed digitization
  • Enabled neutral mediation to accelerate decisions
  • Provided scalable security measures
  • Greater visibility and access control for both entities

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