Supporting a secure office closure and move

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A global pharmaceutical company needed to close and move from a 125K sq. ft. office building during the start of the pandemic.

February 1, 20238 mins
Clean Start Secure Office Closure

With only three months to vacate the space, limited facility access due to local restrictions, and a significant amount of dated records, IT assets, and employee belongings, the company turned to Iron Mountain Clean Start for help.


Closing a 125K sq. ft. office, with over 1K employees.

Building filled with sensitive documents, IT assets, and personal employee items, with limited space at new facility.

Executing project during pandemic with minimal labor support.


Iron Mountain Clean Start®


Secure destruction of over 36 tons of documents.

Bulk and itemized destruction of obsolete IT assets.

Itemized, packed, and moved over 500 employee workstations

Labor resources to support on-time project completion.

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