Iron Mountain established the Law Firm Information Governance Symposium (Symposium) in 2012, as a platform for the legal industry to create an information governance (IG) roadmap unique to law firms. A Steering Committee of five law firms guides the mission and direction of the Symposium. The Symposium offers definitions, processes and best practices for building law firm IG. The reports are authored by law firm leaders and subject matter experts from the service provider community.

Visit the past reports here:

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Creative Sourcing for Law Firm Information Governance

Law firm leaders are under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase lawyer productivity and expand market share. This report discusses creative and imaginative ways to leverage existing resources to achieve these goals.
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Governance in the Cloud

There are many reasons to leverage the cloud in a law firm. This report looks at the impact and application of information governance (IG) when using cloud services within a law firm.
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Defensible Disposition Report

Defensible disposition is a critical component to managing costs and risk, and a key element of law firm IG procedures. This report offers guidance on strategies and steps to implement a defensible disposition program.