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Optimize your digital future with a unified asset strategy

Accelerate innovation by bridging the physical and digital divide.

Data-driven innovation propels enterprise growth, and artificial intelligence (AI) sparks innovation. But keeping up with the AI landscape is tough given the pace at which AI and related technologies are evolving across physical and digital realms.

As AI capabilities mature, enterprises that aspire to remain competitive must also advance how they protect, connect, and optimize physical and digital assets that power AI and are created by AI-enabled innovation.

The AI revolution driving innovation

The latest AI technologies and techniques generate output that can be printed, constructed, heard, and read—driving action, creation, and sentiment. AI-centric capabilities are moving autonomous vehicles and goods, tending crops, assembling products, and creating immersive worlds so real that first responders can learn life-saving skills without fear of being harmed or doing harm.

Value of innovating with AI

Results from the past 3 years of investment

  • 35%

    improvement in innovation

  • 33%

    improvement in sustainability

  • 32%

    improvement in customer & employee retention

New frontiers in AI

AI-driven automation, generative AI, and immersive experiences are examples of innovation-ripe frontiers where AI models are hungry for more than digital native data. They crave data trapped in physical assets: paper records and documents, analog tapes and reels, photos, and so much more. AI also thrives on metadata—data about digital and physical assets—which helps organizations discover and create more business value from their existing assets.

The role of a unified asset strategy

How do you discover the hidden value in digital assets and in physical assets that you can digitize and leverage in new AI frontiers? How do you secure, govern, and optimize these assets across their lifecycles while protecting them from natural and human-created disasters? How do you enrich and preserve treasures that are not destined for disposal? And how do you retire assets sustainably and according to regulations and enterprise policy?

The answer is by implementing a unified asset strategy–a framework that provides a foundation for weathering turbulence and embracing new AI-enabled opportunities for lasting growth.

A unified asset strategy helps you discover, ingest, structure, catalog, and govern physical and digital assets while using metadata to automate workflows and identify and generate more value in emerging AI-centric use cases. It enables you to store physical and digital assets at scale and, where appropriate, to retire or repurpose assets in secure, sustainable ways that advance your enterprise’s transformational journey.

It's time for change

Innovating in new frontiers requires a comprehensive approach to maximizing the value of digital and physical assets while minimizing risk:
A unified asset strategy

Unified asset strategy

Unified asset strategy diagram

Know and protect what you own.

Innovate to achieve enterprise objectives.

Host, store & responsibly retire assets.

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