AI in the information-rich enterprise by Moor Insights & Strategy


A guide to optimizing assets for value generation, sponsored by Iron Mountain.

November 20, 202312 mins
AI in the Information-rich Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of discussion for virtually every organization performing long-term strategic planning. Further, it's a topic that spans the organization from operating units to marketing to IT. While “discriminative” AI, such as image recognition, has been delivering real value to organizations for several years, the excitement about generative AI’s potential to drive productivity is finding increasing interest across organizations of all types and sizes.

This brief from Moor Insights and Strategy, sponsored by Iron Mountain, discusses the evolution of AI and how new AI use cases rely on structured and unstructured data originating from both digital and physical assets. It also explores how adopting a universal information and data strategy that begins with managing physical and digital assets helps the enterprise drive meaningful outcomes.

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