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No matter how large or varied your operational footprint is Iron Mountain Asset Lifecycle Management has the experience, physical resources, and global presence to support your data center ITAD needs.

March 26, 20246 mins
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Champion circular data center excellence with secure ITAD and scalable decommissioning services. Our integrated solution ensures strict security and audit compliance in decommissioning, while maximizing value recovery from retired hardware. Iron Mountain ensures unmatched data security through a secure chain of custody that tracks IT assets at every stage of their journey.

No matter how large or varied your operational footprint is Iron Mountain has the experience, physical resources, and global presence to support it. We operate in the most complex environments all over the world across owned sites, co-location facilities, and small points of presence.

Common use cases for data center ITAD Decomissioning

Data destruction

  • Teraware: Data sanitization built for the enterprise
  • Wipes all storage types, onsite or remotely, within days instead of weeks
  • Ensures compliance with certified audit trails for each asset
  • Fully traceable process from wiping to final disposition
  • Shredding on-site or off-site for hard drives, tapes, and other storage media


  • Onsite physical inventory audit of equipment
  • Equipment de-rack
  • Rack removal
  • Scalable, efficient, fast end-to-end reverse logistics
  • Assets that can be processed include: Servers, storage systems and devices, networking gear, computer tapes and racking


  • Customized packing for diverse equipment
  • Protective padding for safe transport
  • Clear item labeling for easy tracking
  • Eco-friendly materials for sustainability

Transportation & shipping

  • Timely pickup and delivery scheduling for seamless logistics
  • Secure handling protocols during transportation to safeguard equipment
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of all items in transit
  • Flexible options for pickup and delivery tailored to client needs

Asset processing & value recovery

  • Component harvesting
  • IT asset remarketing: Sanitize data, test, grade, refurbish and resale
  • e-Waste recycling
  • Any data-bearing assets are destroyed
  • Adherence to environmental best practices
Decomissioning step by step guide for Data Centers

Maximizing security, compliance and value

safety and security

Safety and security

Protecting confidential data

  • Sanitize or destroy assets containing confidential information
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Using proven logistics and asset tracking, we manage equipment through every stage of decommissioning and disposition
  • We directly own and operate a global fleet of alarmed, locked, and GPS-tracked vehicles
  • Verify chain of custody has been maintained through central portal, including certification of destruction (COD)
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Value optimization

Minimize total ownership cost

  • We help you recuperate maximum market value from end-of-life IT assets
  • We can safely remarket decommissioned assets, lowering your total cost of ownership
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Reduce footprint

  • Work with a certified organization to securely recycle IT assets with little or no resale value
  • Ensure your e-waste is never landfilled, and minimize the carbon footprint of your end-of-life equipment
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Legal & industry standards

  • Have your assets processed in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations and industry best practices
  • Tailored processes in line with your specific industry and corporate commitments