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August 21, 20196 mins
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With Iron Mountain Smart Hands, data center management is convenient, fast and effective. We offer a full range of services to optimize your infrastructure and maximize operational uptime and efficiency. The service is available worldwide in all our data centers, delivered by tenured local professionals you can trust 24/7/365.

Why choose Smart Hands?

  • Guaranteed response times
    Acknowledgement within 30 minutes or it’s free
  • Vetted procedures
    Trained technicians use repeatable, vetted and documented processes
  • Anytime anywhere ordering
    Submitting an order is easy and efficient; just log in to the IMDC portal ( and submit a request.
We needed a provider that could take a palletized delivery and provide a full rack and stack service. This wasn’t a small or simple job … and the IMDC teams did very well.
Krystal Hosting LTD

Services & options

All Smart Hands services are available round-the-clock at every Iron Mountain Data Centers facility worldwide.

Smart Hands services include:

  • Customer hardware support
    • Hardware reboots
    • Inventory services
    • Cold/hot swaps
    • Rack & stack
    • Labeling services
  • Power & network
    • Structured cabling
    • Circuit signal tests
    • LED-relay status
    • Cross Connect verification
    • Remote testing assistance
  • General amenities
    • Trash removal
    • Visual inspection
    • Car/server lift delivery
    • Lock reset
    • Tile services
    • Ready to ship

Flexible & competitive pricing

We know it can be difficult to predict your Smart Hands needs. That’s why we offer flexible options with monthly Retainer or Pay-per-Use. Typical rates are in the region of $100 (or local equivalent) per hour for Retainer contracts, and $200 (or equivalent) for Pay-per-Use.

Monthly retainers

If you want Smart Hands assistance on a budget, a monthly retainer is the most cost-effective option. Retainers offer discounted hourly pricing with a one hour per month minimum commitment. Hours over and above the monthly retainer are invoiced at Pay-per-Use hourly rates.


If you only have occasional needs or aren’t sure how much support you’ll require, we offer all customers the ability to request pay-per-use Smart Hands hourly billing at standard local rates, billed in 15-minute increments.

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Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain is a global leader in storage and information management services. We serve 230,000+ customers (including more than 90% of the Fortune 1000) in 53 countries from 1,400+ facilities comprising 85 million square feet. Iron Mountain has offered reliable, secure and compliant colocation services since our first wholesale data center customer deployed in the 1980’s.

Proven track record. 30+ years of colocation excellence.
  • Est. 1951: 65+ years of operational excellence
  • 30+ years of colocation excellence
Beneficial relationships
  • 230,000+ customers
  • More than 90% of Fortune 1000
  • 100+ Federal Agencies
Network connectivity
  • Easy access to carriers, clouds and IT service providers
  • On-site smart hands
  • Cloud on-ramp
  • Cross connect
  • IP transit
  • Metro wave
  • Peering
  • Private network transport
The safe choice
  • Comprehensive compliance support
  • Stable financials, publicly traded
  • Easy to “sell” to internal stakeholders