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Iron Mountain data restoration and migration services is a fully managed tape-to-cloud solution designed to support the specific needs of your digital transformation agenda.

August 2, 20236 mins
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In the digital transformation era, data management and accessibility are at the foundation of driving data insights and data intelligence.

Today’s organizations manage huge volumes of digital data, much of which continues to live on tape. While tape-based records are secure and reliable, manual processes make it difficult to quickly locate specific information when the need arises. Additionally, accessing and harnessing information from tape to run big data processes and analytics can challenge most IT organizations. Plus, skilled resources are required to maintain the tape environment in order to extract any information and insights.

Iron Mountain Data Restoration and Migration Services is a fully managed tape-to-cloud solution designed to support the specific needs of your digital transformation agenda. It provides seamless, secure access to tape- based information as well as a high-speed on-ramp to clouds of your choice.

By applying a multi-tier approach to your data management strategy, you can ensure your compliance and business requirements are being met, all while utilizing a lower-cost tier for long-term data retention.

What if you could...

  • Quickly retrieve archived data for audits, eDiscovery, and analytics?
  • Reduce long-term data retention expenses?
  • Eliminate the challenges in managing your legacy tape environment?
  • Easily extend your backup and archive environment to the cloud?
  • Free up data center space for other resources?

High-speed on-ramp to cloud with cloud data migration service

When you’re ready, our Cloud Data Migration Service can move any identified information you choose to the cloud at a pace that works for your business. Our high-speed, high-capacity network quickly moves data in and out of any cloud. We also offer appliance-based offline migrations with our Dedicated TransportationTM Service, designed to address huge volumes.

Fast, on-demand access with data restoration service

Within our hosted tape catalogs, we search and restore data on-demand according to your specifications, regardless of the software or equipment used to place data on the tape or the format of the media. Our specialized tools optimize this process and deduplication procedures are used for maximum restore efficiency.

Offsite data restoration and migration protection service

Protect your data offsite and offline, and keep it out of danger at an Iron Mountain media vault specially designed for security and physical media preservation. Data is available to your authorized employees 24 hours a day using a rigorous, documented chain of custody process. Media is transported with our Dedicated Transportation Service.

Dedicated transportation service

The Dedicated Transportation Service securely transports media in a vehicle dedicated to moving media. Our patented InControl™ technology provides security, tracking, and an auditable chain of custody.

What you gain

  • Easily migrate and onboard
  • Rapidly restore archived data for compliance and business purposes
  • Enable analytics and Big Data initiatives
  • Reduce overall cost of long-term and archive storage
  • Transform your legacy tape environment with digital processes
  • Reallocate resources to more strategic projects

Why Iron Mountain is an industry leader

  • More than 95% of the Fortune 1000 rely on Iron Mountain’s services
  • Iron Mountain’s secure and compliant data storage facility is located 220 feet below ground, protecting your data from natural disasters
  • Iron Mountain is a member of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, helping shape the future development of these standards
  • As a proud founding member of Professional Records & Information Services Management, Iron Mountain works to keep members abreast of ever-growing regulatory affairs impacting the industry

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