Environmental benefits report

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Share this report with your sustainability professionals to simplify corporate responsibility reporting on recycling and landfill diversion.

October 26, 20226 mins
environmental report

Report the positive environmental impact your ITAD program provides your organization.

Does your organization need to securely dispose of a large amount of retired IT assets or data center equipment each year? Doing so in an environmentally safe and responsible way is not only expected by your customers, but it’s the right thing to do for our planet. Now, by using our Asset Lifecycle Management group’s Environmental Benefits Report, you can provide documentation supporting your organization’s corporate and social responsibility goals, and share with customers and internal stakeholders. The report is visually compelling and simple to understand - showing your ITAD program's impact in support of environmental goals.

Your report includes:

  • Weight diverted from landfill
  • Avoided greenhouse gas emissions
  • Metals recovered and diverted from landfill
  • Energy saved
  • Percentage products remarketed versus recycled

Communicate the positive environmental impact your ITAD program provides with the environmental benefits report. Following industry best practices and standards for environmental sustainability, the report provides the measurable metrics stakeholders value in supporting sustainability goals.

The report was purpose built to support organizations corporate sustainability goals. It can be shared directly with stakeholders and customers to illustrate your program’s environmental benefits. A timestamp provides audible proof ensuring the data’s validity.  

The report is visually compelling and simple to understand with clear and succinct graphs and charts telling your ITAD sustainability story.

Benefits include:

  • Customize the report’s time period to meet your needs
  • Dated report fulfills audit requirements
  • Support ESG reporting requirements such as corporate responsibility reporting
Environment report example