FBI cybersecurity warning is turning up the heat on cold storage

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Healthcare providers can expect a new wave of ransomware attacks, accelerating the need for cold storage data protection

November 26, 20206 mins
FBI cybersecurity warning is turning up the heat on cold storage- a hacker staring creepily at a screen

This is the most significant cyber threat I’ve seen in the united states in my career…

told the Wall Street Journal

Charles CarmakalChief Technology Officer of Cybersecurity Firm Madiant

In the face of rising threats, cold storage emerges a critical element in enabling data protection and continuity of care

In order to evolve with the ever-expanding security risks of today’s increasingly virtual healthcare environment, IT leaders need to rethink how they protect growing archives of data and the hardware and systems used to manage it. Using a multi-tiered approach to data protection that includes cold storage, providers can effectively control costs while keeping up with the changing face of cybersecurity threats and requirements.

Iron Mountain’s Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage (SOS) lets organizations easily move inactive data from cloud (or disk) to tape, decreasing storage costs, ensuring long-term archival data compliance and protecting against ransomware. By moving inactive data offline to reliable tape, data is now protected in a secure air-gapped vault. Iron Cloud SOS’s Vault Lock option offers another layer of protection by using multi-factor authentication for the safe retrieval of offsite data.

How it works

  1. Upload data and objects to a secure storage bucket (S3)
  2. Data and objects are then transferred to Iron Mountain’s Iron Cloud
  3. Once received, data is downloaded to air-gapped tape where it is stored offline in a highly secure, climate-controlled vault for safekeeping
  4. To retrieve data, simply make a request online
  5. Iron Mountain verifies your credentials and returns the requested data via a secure storage bucket (S3)

Fight Cybersecurity Threats and Ransomware with a Vendor You Trust

Iron Mountain works with you to determine the best data strategy to securely store and protect your data. Our technology-agnostic approach lets you:

  1. migrate all your data based on use – active or inactive — providing right place, right price savings
  2. move data from cloud (or disk) to resilient offline storage without paying egress fees
  3. integrate your backup applications and archival systems with our geo-redundant, energy-efficient Iron Cloud
  4. keep data accessible with easy retrieval and data restore options
Learn More at www.ironmountain.com/sos