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April 24, 20246 mins
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You already know that your business is legally required to retain certain types of physical and digital information for some period of time. But without a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be saved and for how long, many businesses’ compliance “policies” are to:

  • Save everything forever
  • Retain information based on schedules not meant for their business focus and/or locations
  • Destroy information after an indiscriminate period of time

Beyond wasting time and money, this unstructured approach increases the liability for noncompliance with data- security and customer-privacy requirements. Iron Mountain can help.

Gain and maintain control

Built for small businesses, Iron Mountain Policy Center makes it easy to become and remain compliant. We’ll meet you wherever you are in your information governance journey to help you understand the factors that led you there. Then we’ll provide a roadmap and right-sized solutions to get you where you need to be, working at your pace.

Tailored to your business

Like retention schedules and compliance mandates, Policy Center is not one size fits all. This easy-to-implement cloud- based solution gives you the flexibility to select the services that fit your business, industry, locations, budget and timeline.

  • Pre-built and custom retention schedules – Obtain a well-organized retention schedule that spells out what should be kept and for how long before being destroyed per legal and regulatory obligations specific to your business.
  • Employee policies and procedures – Get guidance on how to ensure employees remain aware of and adhere to established retention schedules and policies to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Full-life-cycle information management – Plug in Iron Mountain’s comprehensive solutions, ranging from physical and digital information storage through secure disposition, to help your business execute its information-governance practices.

Measurable advantages

With Policy Center, it’s cost effective and easy to implement a comprehensive compliance strategy and defensible retention schedule, driving numerous benefits.

  • Maintain a readily available, legally defensible retention schedule for compliance
  • Reduce the costs of physical and digital storage, resources, and audit-based litigation and fines
  • Eliminate the risk of over-retaining unneeded information and making it discoverable
  • Establish clear policies and procedures empowering employees to consistently follow processes
  • Quickly access information needed to fulfill internal and external audit requests
  • Remain ahead of evolving regulatory, customer privacy and data compliance obligations

Get started

Don’t wait for an audit to think about compliance. Visit to purchase an accurate pre-built retention schedule specific to your business or to schedule a free assessment of your retention and information-governance practices.

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