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June 22, 20236 mins
RFID Solution Brief | Iron Mountain

Transforming a strong Records and Information Management (RIM)program to a true Information Governance (IG) framework requires cross-functional collaboration, organizational adoption of information management lifecycle policies and evolving beyond manual processes to the use of automated tools.

The lack of automation in critical information lifecycle activities is one of the biggest roadblocks on the path to achieving IG. Iron Mountain provides you with innovative technologies to advance your program.

Record storage boxes & RFID labels

RFID labels are required on all net new boxes at Iron Mountain facilities. You can purchase an Iron Mountain box and an RFID label to accompany the Iron Mountain box. You can also purchase an RFID label to apply on another box type (non-Iron Mountain).

In addition, when a carton that is currently in storage at an Iron Mountain facility is requested by the customer for viewing or temporary return, an RFID label will be added and applied by Iron Mountain when the carton is returned for reshelving.

RFID is the leading technology in asset and inventory tracking and automates the audit process so you can repeatedly monitor your inventory and report the results. For new and existing cartons requiring an RFID label, one will be applied at the rate defined in the specific customer schedule or the standard default rate if not on the schedule.

Business challenge

Demands around providing proof of security and protection of the assets that you manage, especially if you store personally identifiable information (PII)are increasing. Regulatory demands and sensitivity around your customer information drive requests for greater reporting that verifies the location and physical integrity of your inventory.

To comply with requests from customers, auditors and stakeholders with ease, you need to demonstrate control over the assets that you manage at every phase of the information lifecycle.

An audit of your inventory should be performed annually and whenever you need a holistic view of your inventory to ensure your process is sound.

What if you could

  • Store your information offsite with latest, cutting-edge RFID technology?
  • Receive fast, repeatable, and reliable inventory audit reports?
  • Demonstrate compliance and control over your inventory with an automated process?
  • Move your RIM Program towards a true Information Governance framework?

Advance your RIM program

In order to evolve from RIM to IG your information needs to be:

  • Easy to locate and retrieve
  • Maintained in an environment where it is protected from unauthorized alteration or modification
  • Support routine and recurring use
  • Kept as long as necessary based on business or legal requirements*

RFID inventory audit - how it works

RFID enabled audits are an easy way to prove compliance to customers. Through the use of a chip in the label on your box, the RFID reader will detect the signal and audit your entire inventory.

Audit Protocols:

  • Proactively request an audit during audit season
  • Request event-driven audits at any time
  • Program management for RFID tagging of existing assets
  • Analysis of issues and consultation/ actions for enhancements


  • Overall target asset count and audit find rate by market
  • Detailed cause analysis on any missing inventory
  • Remediates causes and checks for similar at-risk inventory
  • Recommended next steps


  • Account team works with you to define audit scope
  • You confirm or provide audit list for audit teams
  • RFID asset tagging commences (if needed / requested on any existing inventory pre-RFID)

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