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Pathway to Information Governance

Evolving your records and information management program to an information governance structure requires you to proactively take steps towards improvement in your overall process. Enhancing your program to include automation and technology, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows you to streamline governance of your information. You’ll be able to audit your inventory to prove the soundness of your program to customers, internal and external auditors and stakeholders.

With RFID you can verify the location of your physical assets and demonstrate the controls you’ve placed over your inventory.

Prepare the information you want to store offsite by putting it in an RFID-ready box or applying an RFID-ready label to another box type. This enables a repeatable audit process by leveraging the RFID chip within the box label. You’ll be able to provide proof of controls and prove your security requirements with the utmost confidence.

Only 34% of organizations say they are using an automated tool to locate and preserve their relevant information.

Source: Cohasset Associates I ARMA International 2016/2017 Information Governance Benchmarking Survey. N=1,000 
Source: 2012 Iron Mountain Compliance Benchmark Report

RFID-ready Boxes and Labels

The Iron Mountain RFID-ready box is equipped with a pre-applied RFID label. With this label your asset is tagged and always ready for a requested audit.

Explore the Iron Mountain RFID-ready Box:

Built-In Hole For Zip Tie
  • Added level of security
  • Additional protection of your information
  • Zip ties sold separately
Three-Inch Lid
  • Additional durability during transportation and storage
  • Won't warp or blow off
Pre-Applied RFID Label
  • Easier path to inventory audit with no line of sight required
  • RFID chip pre-associated with barcode
  • Tight integration between core system of record and RFID application

How RFID Works

All net new information stored at Iron Mountain will be prepared by packing your information in Iron Mountain RFID-ready boxes or boxes to which you have applied an RFID label. The label contains a chip that can be detected and scanned by RFID readers.

RFID Readers scan for a passive radio frequency signal produced by the chip located in the RFID labels.

How RFID Audits Works

An RFID signal transmits location data from the reader to the Iron Mountain database, securely verifying that the boxes are stored in the proper place.
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