From paper to digital: the digital transformation journey part 2

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View the second part of our webinar series with AIIM on the digital transformation journey.

August 23, 202248 mins
Woman holding a laptop in her hands, digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is a term we hear quite often. Businesses want to digitally transform their operations and move away from paper-based systems. But despite ongoing digitization, many organizations still work with paper for many key activities like client and employee onboarding, and accounts payable.
According to AIIM research, 56% of organizations are looking to automate their manual processes. However, your digital transformation journey requires a number of important steps and strategies to succeed.  
In this webinar Iron Mountain industry experts discuss the second part in this two-part digital series. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify critical data and processes for transformation.
  • Best practices to store content and automate processes.
  • Ways to use workflows for improved efficiency, service, and performance.

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