The Iron Mountain 2023 education series


Highlights and key takeaways discussed during our 2023 Education Series webinars.

January 6, 202312 mins
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As organizations continue to embrace the new status quo, they continue to look ahead at what the future holds and how to elevate their ability to get there.

For our 2023 education series, we explored emerging trends that defined the year and paved the way for our digital future, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergence of new, and often unsanctioned, communication channels. We also examined the latest research on risk and its larger impact on economic and regulatory changes.

Topics we covered included:

  1. The global recession: The impact on RIM & IG
  2. What’s up with WhatsApp?
  3. Data, records, and compliance, oh my!
  4. Generative AI and information governance: Friends or foes?
  5. Measuring risk: What’s your temperature?
  6. Where, exactly, is your cloud?

The series aimed to prepare information and data governance professionals for both the known and unknown obstacles ahead with each discussion dedicated to elevating your ability to anticipate and mitigate potential risks.

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