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Iron Mountain 2024 Education Series

Inspirational conversations with thought leaders to accelerate your digital journey

As your organization continues to evolve and adapt to today’s technology-driven landscape, now is the time to grow and refine your digital information management capabilities.

In our 2024 education series, we’ll explore key trends and the many ways organizations can work and succeed in this dynamic, digital-first environment.

We look forward to discussing topics like artificial intelligence and emerging data-related regulations, as well as best practices around cleaning up ROT, expanding retention schedules, and making disposition decisions about physical and digital records and data. We hope you’ll join us on this journey to accelerate your operations.

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Webinar recap

Beyond the box: The digital impact on retention schedules

Explore how data is changing the way we manage records, the challenges of defining and retaining data, and the importance of collaboration between Information Governance and Data Governance teams.

Information Governance in the age of AI

As it integrates into the global economy, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on Information and Data Governance. Every day, the landscape evolves. The latest Iron Mountain Education Series discussion explores the implications of AI on the economy, regulatory structures, and data management.

Data Governance vs. Information Governance: Closing the gap

Information Governance is generally accepted as a framework for managing information in all its formats, including the basic building blocks of data. But where does Data Governance fit in? Experts weigh in on the IG and DG relationship and how to maximize your information’s value and drive business goals by understanding each.

Do you know what’s up with WhatsApp at your organization?

Employees using WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, and other non-secure or off-channel applications for work purposes can get their organizations in serious trouble with federal regulators.

Understanding the continuing evolution of data, records, and compliance

Today’s data is being centralized and reused, which underpins that records and information management (RIM) professionals must dispose of and retain data appropriately.

How to safeguard your data in the fast-moving world of generative AI

Every day, TV, radio, and online news reports have something to say about generative AI, its transformative potential, and the blooming controversy surrounding this nascent technology.

Risk and resilience, two sides of the same coin: Explore the latest research

Risk management is not a new topic, especially for records and information leaders. Risk and cost reduction have been strategic and operational objectives in organizations for decades. Get the recap of our recent Education Series webinar with Economist Impact where we explore the latest research on the changing perceptions of risk.

Navigating the cloud: Ensuring secure data management with minimal risk

In this webinar recap, we explore the considerations and strategies essential for secure and compliant cloud management throughout the lifecycle of your data and the full relationship with your provider.

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If you are unable to view the webinar content due to 3rd party cookie setting, please go to the browser setting and allow all cookies.

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