Give your collections a second life


3D scanning is the process of converting physical assets into precise high-resolution digital replicas.

November 25, 202212 mins
Give your collection a second life

3D scanning is the process of converting Physical assets into precise high-resolution Digital replicas. This provides an additional Layer of insight, usability and integrity to The storage of your valuable assets, giving You an easily-accessible visual inventory of Your archive.

With your new 3D digital archive, your assets take on a second life for research, reference and monetization without risk to the physical integrity of the originals safely in storage.

IMES offers 3D scanning using Artec technology as part of our overall suite of services for archive preservation — so, when you trust IMES with your 3D scanning project, you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ll care for your assets as if we were an extension of your own team.


1. Security. We store, scan assets, and re-store all on site. You save time and money on shipping, as well as eliminate any potential loss or damage to your archive that could occur from excess handling.

2. Accuracy. 3D Scanning is a contactless, time-saving way to add an additional layer of insight and accuracy to your collection inventory management. Our scanners can remotely assess the condition of your item and alert you immediately to anything at risk of degradation.

3. Experience. Our archivists are experts in end-to-end asset management. Not only do we use cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, but we also participate in the development of industry best practices through our involvement with the Library of Congress and the Association of Moving Image Archivists.


While 3D Scanning is a useful tool for the optimal care of any collection, it has the exciting potential to offer cultural and historic organizations the opportunity not just to preserve your assets for future generations to view, but also to make them accessible right now to a global audience online.

> Museums & art galleries

> Universities & libraries

> Corporate heritage archives


You’ve been tasked with the critical and complex role of both preserving irreplaceable assets, and identifying the evolving technology to keep this content accessible for the world’s audiences.

Everyone at IMES cares about your archive as much as you do. We think and act as an extension of your own team to meet the current and future needs of your archive for both historical preservation and revenue generation. We’ll always hold ourselves accountable to your standards.


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