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Accelerate Digitization and Improve Accessibility with Digital Storage

February 1, 202312 mins
Iron Mountain InSight Digital Mailroom on AWS Whitepaper

Accelerate Digitization and Improve Accessibility with Digital Storage

Free your information by moving from paper to cloud

The growing imperative: create value from information

Organizations that better extract, apply, and build value from their information gain distinct business advantages:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs of operations
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater competitive flexibility
  • More resilience engineered into the business.

The challenge: delivering the right data at just the right time for productive use by individuals, workgroups, and teams across the extended enterprise. Nowhere is this more challenging when managing a mix of paper and electronic information. Pandemic induced disruption, specifically more remote work, only highlighted this difficulty.

Without a unified view of and easy access to all your information, including paper documents, your employees waste time searching for what they need — if they can find it at all. And if found, paper documents can’t be quickly, securely shared with others, especially your remote workers.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, delivering real business value from information requires better access, sharing and integration to create a truly collaborative, accurate and easy to use process.

"According to AIIM research, 70% of AIIM members say that getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time is at the heart of their digital transformation change.”

Source: Intelligent Search – Strategies to Find What You Need

Common roadblocks to optimizing information management and business processes in a hybrid world of paper and digital documents include:

  • Difficulty finding relevant documents: more specifically, the useful data contained within unstructured information within the documents.
  • No easy, quick way to share this information, or use it to collaborate productively with co-workers, other stakeholders, or customers.
  • More remote work will clearly continue beyond the pandemic. How do you engineer your processes to protect them from future crises? How do you ease access and create collaboration to share valuable business information?
  • Securing access to sensitive, regulated information (e.g., Personally Identifiable Information, customer data, contracts, intellectual property, etc.) can be difficult. Increasing regulatory requirements: access trails, compliance audits, right to access, etc, will only make this more challenging and costly.

Business workflows restrained to the ‘speed of paper’ will not get your organization where it needs to go. The longer you delay, the further you fall behind.

Do these issues sound similar?

  • It takes too long to find and is difficult to effectively integrate data located in documents into business processes.
  • Collaboration is hindered by inability to securely share documents, particularly with remote workers.
  • The physical footprint of document storage is taking up expensive real-estate.
  • There is C-level concern for regulatory penalties (whether fines or market-driven) for miss-handled documents and data.

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"So where do organizations face the greatest challenges in dealing with information chaos? The survey responses suggest that the answer lies at a familiar point for AIIM audiences: at the intersection of content and processes. The two most important information challenges remain ‘digitizing, automating, and integrating processes’ (25% say it’s the top challenge), followed closely by ‘managing information throughout its lifecycle’ (24%). These responses are remarkably consistent across different roles.”

Source: AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry: A Wake-Up Call for Organization Leaders