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What is the role of intelligent content services in digital information initiatives, how can they make you more effective, and why are they critical for future business success?

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There are more and more capable ways of generating, storing, managing and even retrieving information. It can be a double-edged sword - the easier it is to produce and capture information, the more there is to store, manage and search.

The real value in content is derived from extracting and delivering the right data at just the right time for productive use by individuals, workgroups and teams across the extended enterprise - delivered content as a service.

This eBook will describe intelligent content services and the role they play in DX initiatives. It will show you how content services can make you not only more effective right now, but also why they will be critical for future business success.


How’s that digital transformation going?

You’re hearing plenty about DX initiatives and how they can help you address greater expectations from digitally empowered customers, counter pressure from more nimble competitors, find new ways to be productive, and more.

Granted, there’s nothing new here. What has changed, though, is the scale and scope of potentially relevant information and the speed of business processes. DX success requires not only extracting more from our content, but also applying these insights at the right time to empower business users, delight customers, foil competitors, and improve margins.

Such value can be found in all types of structured or unstructured content — documents, emails, videos, images — flowing through the enterprise. And it can reside in any number of enterprise systems, such as ECM, CRM, CMS, as well as be stored on tape or in a box offsite.

No matter where you are in your DX journey, it’s clear that success depends upon the intelligent more automated extraction and integration of the right information into business processes. One could argue that in the latter stages of DX, like embedding continuing innovation and adaptation, the strategic transformation of the business requires the successful integration of data-derived insights at the right time.