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Iron Mountain holds itself to high standards in order to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible. We insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of business and we expect the same from all of those with whom we do business.

We are particularly concerned with the presence of these points in our prospective suppliers:

Ethical Compliance – We require our suppliers to comply with the law, our Core Values and our Code of Conduct.

Privacy and confidentially – Only employees who require access to records should have access to the contents of the records. All Iron Mountain customer information and business strategies should be kept confidential.

Workplace health & safety – Suppliers must create a healthy and safe workplace setting. Employees should work in a secure and respectful environment that follows all company policies and standards as well as health, safety and environmental laws.

Anti-Discrimination – Decisions involving recruiting, hiring, promoting, or terminating employees must be solely based on merit and never on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Gifts – Employees may not offer or accept gifts that violate any law or Iron Mountain policy, is in cash or a cash equivalent, is not consistent with typical business practices, can be interpreted as a bribe, influence business decisions, create a conflict of interest, or could discredit Iron Mountain if disclosed.

Conflict of Interest – Suppliers much raise any concerns of a conflict of interest as soon as the conflict is realized.

Brand and Reputation – Suppliers may not make unauthorized public references to Iron Mountain.

Reporting Violations – Suppliers should report all violations to the Code of Conduct as soon as they are realized.

These standards are included in our comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct.

As a condition of becoming an approved Iron Mountain Vendor, Vendor must agree to the following requirements: Insurance Requirements, Background Investigation Requirements, Government Flow Down Terms, and IT Information Security Requirements. These are referred to in Iron Mountain’s Professional Services Agreement (PSA) which is its preferred contract document.

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